Doreen was created with love for jewellery, for the process of crafting it and for the way it is worn.

IDEOLOGY & The Philosophy Behind

With main objective to delicately supplement the unique feminine energy contained within the smile, voice & scent of a few drops of perfume, complimented with the beautiful piece of jewellery.

Handcrafted Approach

Each and every item is hand-crafted by a small team with attention to detail, love and respect for the individualistic personality.


Doreen jewellery is entirely handmade with beads, pearls and crystals, gold and silver, using sewing, embroidering and knitting techniques.


Beads – high quality Japanese glass beads MIYUKI and TOHO, handmade glass beads with a 24K gold pattern, PRECIOSA ORNELA, etc.We also use colourful and multi-coloured, galvanised gold and silver beads, as well as Swarovski crystals and pearls.Clasps and ornaments – 14K gold, 925 silver, rose gold plated and black rhodium plated 925 silver.Threads – FireLine is a waxed fibre consisting of braided and fused polyethylene. This is the strongest thread ever made with such a diameter. It has an incredibly high tensile strength and 6–13.2 kg resistance depending on the diameter. Made in the USA by Berkley – a leading company in the production of fishing line.Cords – a braided thread of artificial fibres, slightly hardened through waxing, as well as elastic cords.


We recommend that you keep your jewellery away from water.Put it on after using perfume and other cosmetic products since they may contain chemicals that could damage the quality of the jewellery.Contact with abrasive agents may also damage the plating of some materials.Do not stretch excessively because, despite the quality of the materials, the integrity of the jewellery could be damaged.